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Our Guarantee

Don't worry about the algae...

Our no-algae guarantee

Our full service customers enjoy a no-algae guarantee. This guarantees against algae under normal conditions. We closely monitor your water chemistry to ensure that we are doing everything possible to create an algae-free environment.

No harsh algaecides

We typically avoid metal algaecides when treating algae. In fact, we rarely use any type of "algaecide." If we believe that an algaecide would be beneficial in any way, we will always seek approval from the homeowner first. We are very selective about the chemicals we will use in your pool, and we only carry reputable products.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. All of our service offerings take extra steps to stop algae before it ever starts. We perform a thorough water test on your pool weekly; in doing so, we closely monitor several factors that are known to contribute to algae growth, such as average free chlorine levels, pH, and phosphates. 


To be covered under this guarantee, the customer must meet the following conditions: 1) Customer must be subscribed to full (or premium) service (see: "Services" page). 2) Customer must have agreed to continuous, regularly scheduled weekly service for at least two weeks prior to an algae issue. 3) Customer must not have any overdue balances. 4) Customer must not have black algae.